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We help school students transform their entire approach to studying in 12 weeks.

An Elevate coach works with your child in your home across 12 weeks to completely re-design their approach to studying.

Elevate Coaching develops your child's techniques in Time Management, Motivation, Growth Mindset, Stress Management, and Exams. Our coaches help your child to re-shape their attitude and forge new habits that are modelled on the very habits used by past top students.

Over the last 18 years, Elevate has worked with millions of students across the 3000+ schools it advises. Elevate's blend of research-driven techniques and young, relatable coaches is what makes it a world-renowned study skills provider working with schools and families across the UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, and Singapore. 


Increase Motivation

Motivation is a pre-condition to success. Without a compelling 'why', the work won't be put in. We help students to reshape their attitudes and their goals, and in turn build motivation.

Build New Habits

Success is not built overnight.  The program spans across 12 weeks in order to constantly build upon, reiterate and drill in new habits so that they last. 

Boost Results

It's no surprise that countless families have experienced a noticeable change in behaviour and marks. When students experience a shift to a Growth Mindset and new behaviours, we see a shift in their marks too.


Session 1 is an in-person, FREE diagnostic assessment. This assessment is informal and allows the student to meet a coach and open up about their challenges. It also provides insight into what skills your child is and is not using so we can design a custom program. Some of the skills covered are listed below, however each program is customised to your specific needs. 

Time Management

Are you concerned that your child is not investing enough time in school work? Do they do enough study? Do they focus on the right things? This module provides a reliable framework for your child to apportion study and life appropriately. See how we helped Jarrod plan & gain control.

Overcoming Stress

Students who are ambitious tend to be the students who face anxiety; they care. We show students how to cultivate a set of habits that maximise their well-being, while they continue to work hard and keep stress at bay. See how Caitlyn overcame stress.

Memorisation skills

Students enrol in multiple subjects, read 10 textbooks, and learn hundreds of concepts. How they retain this information for exams is a critical determinant of their marks. See how Sean transformed his memory skills.

Exam Strategy

Knowing the content is one thing, mastering the application of the content in an exam room entirely another. We show students how overcome exam mind-blank and review their work so that they constantly improve, just like Ivy did for her Science test.



Step 1

Diagnostic Assessment

In this no-risk, free meeting, a Coach conducts a 460-point study skills review. You get a report outlining your child's areas for development. 

Step 2

Coach Pairing

Based upon the report we match your child with the best fitting coach and design their program.

Step 3

Coaching Begins

Weekly sessions take place in your home or online.



After 18 years in study skills training, we know how to connect with students. Having worked across 7 countries, and with over 1-million students each year, Elevate knows how to engage.

All of Elevate's coaches are recent top performing students who understand your child's world and speak their language. Combine our coaches' unparalleled ability to engage students with our research-backed study skills and you have a recipe for success. 

Trusted by 3000+ schools

Research-driven skills

Telstra Business Awards Winner

TEDx featured speaker

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"He's a lot more confident about what he needs to achieve...we couldn't be happier."




The process begins by our consultant running a FREE study-diagnostic assessment in your home 

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